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The Exploress Podcast

Jun 13, 2020

When we last left Cleopatra, she was creeping out the back door of a chaotic Rome in the wake of Julius Caesar’s death. As she sails the waves back to Alexandria, she broods over what might happen next. She’s just lost her Roman lover, ally, and protector, in a world where Rome is increasingly calling most of the shots. And then there is Caesarion, her son with Julius Caesar. In him, she has both a valuable advantage AND a potential danger. In some ways, she’s just as vulnerable as she was as a young exile. But Cleopatra is only now, a seasoned leader, and she isn’t one to sit back and let the gods take the wheel on her destiny. She’s managed to harness Rome’s powers in her favor and ensure her family’s continued legacy successfully before. And she can do it again—if she can just figure out how best to play the game.

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