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The Exploress Podcast

Sep 14, 2023

Rise and shine! It’s time to get up and start our day in the life of a 1920s American gal. Let’s find out some things about life in the period, from what we’re wearing on a casual Saturday to what we’re eating for breakfast, where we’re getting our food from, and (of course) how we’re dealing with that time of the month. Pull up your stockings and turn up that radio. Let’s go traveling.

I’ve finally got Exploress merch back up and running! You can now buy my ladycentric timelines, maps, and art prints at my Printable shop. Second: I’ve got a novel out! NIGHTBIRDS is a 1920s-tinted fantasy about girls who will gift their magic with a kiss: for a price. Buying merch or my book are both GREAT ways to support me, but also, I’m just glad you’re here.

You'll find show notes for this episode, includng images and a list of my sources, at my Exploress website. If you want to support the show, you can do so over on Patreon.