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The Exploress

Oct 31, 2020

The story of the American suffrage movement is long and complex, filled with noteworthy characters, highlights and shadows, and plenty of paths we could get lost wandering down.
I want to explore some of the more haunting aspects of the fight for suffrage, and the dark consequences that come when you don’t have a...

Oct 24, 2020

Daughter of Rome’s most venerated war hero, favorite granddaughter of its first emperor, wife of one of its most shining stars, Agrippina the Elder was born to be famous, thrust into the spotlight, whether she wanted to bask in it or not. But she also made her own spotlight, always fighting for what she believes in...

Oct 9, 2020

Love them or hate them, bras have always been with us in one form or another. They've squashed us down, lifted us up, and shaped our silhouettes, a constant part of our day to day. Let's take a trip through time to see how - and why - it took shape and meet some of the women who shaped its evolution.

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